Create A Bed

With extended, growing or blended families, sometimes there is more space required in the bedrooms. This does not mean that you need to compromise with the comfort of the bed. The bed should be made a priority in order to make the bedroom feel cozy and welcoming for the inhabitants. Smart beds are largely being used these days and they have made things easier for the people. Featuring a storage underneath for storing bed linen or clothes, these beds have come a long way in satiating the storage requirements of the people. However, if you want to Create A Bed of your dreams then there are some simple steps that you need to follow. Drift off into dreamland with a delightfully soothing and artfully dressed bed by following the steps below:

Create A Bed

Gather the Bed Linens

The quantity and the type of bed linens that you use on your bed depend on the style of the bed and the bedroom. Nevertheless, most bed linens come with the following:

•    Fitted sheet

•    Mattress pad featuring elastic edging

•    Pillowcases

•    Flat sheet

•    Quilt, duvet or comfort

•    Lightweight or heavyweight blanket, depending on the season and the climate

•    Standard pillow shams

•    Accent pillows

•    European pillow shams

•    Coverlet or throw

•    Box spring cover or bed skirt

Iron the Bed Linens

Pressed linens feature crisp lines and they look good on a bed. It would not be wise to make use of an ironing board because it might turn out to be very small in handling the sheets easily. The best thing that you can do is cover a large sheet of plywood or a folding table with heatproof batting or foam for getting a large surface area to do the ironing. The shams and the bed skirt should also be taken into account.

Center and then Straighten the Bed Skirt

If you have a bed that does not need a skirt, this step can be skipped. However, it would be wise to put some money into a box spring cover in case the box spring remains exposed. If you are making use of a bed skirt, center the bed skirt and them ensure that the edges are even at the sides and the foot. Unobtrusive pins can be used for anchoring the bed skirt in perfect place.

The Mattress Pad Must Be Pulled Smooth

You can ruin your bedtime comfort if you have the mattress pads bunching up in the center of the bed and creating a very lumpy bottom layer. It is good to have elastic edges but the best thing that you can do is use safety pins to hold the pads in place especially round the bottom edges. You can also make the use of corner fasteners which can easily be found at various bed and bath stores.

The Fitted Sheet Should Be Tucked In Tightly

You can make use of an extra-deep bed sheet for getting the best fit in case you have a tall mattress or a pillow-top. If this is not the case then you can go for a normal size bed sheet. Pull the bed sheet and tuck its edges properly beneath the mattress.

Draping the Flat Bed Sheet

Center the bed sheet on the bed and overhang it equally on either side. The top edge of the bed sheet should be aligned with the top edge of the mattress.

Adding the Blanket

If the blanket is a little shorter in comparison to the bed sheet, try pulling it down from the top of the mattress in place of pulling it up from the bottom of the mattress.

Tucking the Flat Bed Sheet and the Blanket Together

The long edges of the blanket and the bed sheet should be held away from the bed and they must be pulled atop the mattress for forming a 45 degree angle at the corner. Make sure to smooth the side edges of the bed linen to make that perfect bed.

Turning Down the Blanket and Sheet Tops

The blanket and the sheet must be folded down around 12 to 18 inches and then the long edges must be tucked beneath the mattress at the sides. Now you have the flexibility of adding a topper of your choice. Post this; you can start layering the pillows. These are some of the most important steps that you need to follow in order to Create A Bed that looks perfect.

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